Monday, November 6, 2017

The Chronicles Of The Door Series book review

I've read the stories in the Bible many times and wondered what did the angels think while watching this play out. Some times I wondered what was going through God's mind as He sat there knowing what would happen and the effects that would ripple through time because of it.
In the Chronicles Of The Door series by Gene Edwards, you get to see behind the curtains of heaven during some of the most memorable stories in the Bible. Mr. Edwards gives us a glimpse of what may have been some of the reactions of the ethereal world to the events that play out in the mortal world.
Start with The Beginning and read the other side of Creation and the Fall. The Escape follows when God chose a man and a family and gave an Eternal Promise. As angels fight the powers of darkness, The Birth tells of when God left the realm of the Immortal to walk as a man. Then read as the greatest battle occurs between that of Death and the Lamb of Life in The Triumph. But, that's not the end! The Return tells the end of the story; the Culmination of the plan that was laid out before time began- the Land, the Lamb, the Lineage, and Lucifer all find out their place in Eternity.
Even though these books are part fiction, I got a huge blessing from reading the things that my mind had a hard time conjuring on it's own. If you've ever wanted to understand the heavenly conversations about some of the timelines in the Bible, then reading of these events from Mr. Edward's perspective.